Interior measurements are captured by our iGuide Camera(IMS5). There is a built-in laser technology that captures the interior wall to wall measurements. Exterior Area is a per floor calculation, made by measuring to the outside surface of the exterior walls.The calculation for Exterior Area = [Perimeter Wall Thickness] x [Perimeter Wall Length] + [Interior Area]

36-48 hours. Shooting quality content is an art and we want to provide you with the best.

Yes! We provide an unbranded link that can be integrated into where everyone has full access to your virtual tour, measurements and HDR photography

We make sure to capture at least 2 angles of each bedroom and 3-4 angles of the major rooms (kitchen, living room, dining room, master bedroom). Once outside, we always capture 3 angles of the front of the house and at least 3 angles of the back.

We cover Durham, Toronto, and York Region. We work with contractors in areas outside of those regions and can accommodate bookings in Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Niagara Region.

The Real Easy Solution takes about 1 hour for a 3,000 sq. ft. home to be completed.

Nope. You can provide us with a lockbox. We will make sure to lock the door behind us

You can add drone to any order, as long as the property is not in a restricted air space. Our drone pilots are certified and registered by Transport Canada.

Yes. Our photographers are trained to do Lifestyle photos as well.

Yes. We are partnered with snapd Vaughan newspaper. You can purchase monthly ads to help market your listing. At snapd, they print over 30, 000 copies each month and distribute to over 500 locations all around York Region. They also provide social media promotion on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts, where snapd has over 10, 000 local followers.